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Dana asked...

Should I worry about mercury contained in fish?

Tags: Diet

I have been eating 115 grams of Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon fillets every day for one year. Should I worry about mercury contained by this fish?

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The answer

There is a small potential risk of mercury contamination of fish products as most waterways have been exposed to pollutants in some form. It is likely that the levels of heavy metals such as mercury in most fish will be insignificant or very low but if you are eating high levels of fish in your diet then this might be a relevant factor to consider. It tends to be the larger fish which feed on other smaller fish which have more risk of having higher levels of heavy metals e.g. tuna or shark.  

Alaskan sockeye salmon is a particularly healthy fish source as it is only found as a wild fish feeding on its natural food sources rather than the artificial foods fed to farmed Atlantic salmon.      

Answered by Dr A Wright.


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