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Diane asked...

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I have reduced my weight by 9stone over the past two years. I have gone from 19st to 10st. However, when I weigh myself my weight is between 10st and 10st7lb. I weigh myself the same time and usually weigh myself every 4/5 days. Is this normal?

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The Answer

Your weight will normally fluctuate day to day, this is normal for everyone. Ideally you should not weigh yourself more than once per week. The aim is to weigh yourself on the same day each week, ideally first thing in the morning; this is a dry weight, and wear the same or similar clothes if possible each time if you want to continue to regularly monitor your weight.

Hormones will affect your weight during the pre-menstrual phase; it does cause water retention for many. Plus you do need to consider salt intake as this will also make you retain fluid and you will weigh a little heavier, your body will naturally excrete any excess salt and the associated water retention within a day.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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