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David asked...

I want to shift my 'beer belly'.

Tags: Alcohol , Diet , Exercise

I'm currently a 17-year-old student. I've long been worried about my weight, as I have had a "beer-belly" now for as long as I can remember. I know I'm not dangerously overweight or severely obese, but I am definitely fat. I weight about 98kg.

I've always been confused when it came to dieting plans, as I could never understand a lot of the medical terms. I also find myself having no motivation without having a plan to work on. The reason for this is because I don't want to spend 6 months just trying different things out without knowing it'll definitely help me lose weight.

I go on holiday in late June to the USA and I want to be able to treat myself. So is there a specific dieting and exercise plan you could give me that would definitely have trimmed the fat on my belly down? I want to get down to around 85kg by then.

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The answer

Firstly I spotted the problem that you have, and you are not alone, and that is the diet and exercise plans you have seen and used before are too complicated. If something is complicated it puts us off as we have little confidence and this won’t inspire and motivate. How I like to operate with my clients and in my books is “Keep it Simple” as, to be honest, losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is easy!

We need to break it down into 4 areas:

Area 1: Diet, so for this all you have to do is avoid eating processed foods as these are laden with calories, fats and lots of other nasties. Buying a pre-made sandwich, for example, is often more expensive and a lot higher in fat, whereas making your own on wholemeal bread with a healthy filling, such as chicken breast slice with tomatoes and lettuce, is delicious and low in calories and virtually fat free. So just say no to processed and make food yourself. It’s easier than you think and you’ll watch that beer belly disappear when you eat natural foods.

Area 2: Exercise is simply moving our body, so just make it a rule that 4 times a week in your lunch hour you do 20 minutes of either walking, running, skipping or cycling. This will help melt off any excess belly fat.

Area 3: The great Burpee ‒ this is an army inspired exercise which simply ticks all boxes as it tones you all over, is great for a six pack and melts fat fast. YouTube has lots of videos on how to perform a Burpee, and once you are familiar with this move aim to do 10 of these 6 days a week.

Area 4: Dedication. If you stick to the above 3 areas I can promise you in June you will be heading to the States feeling super fit and with a six pack. So keep dedicated and you will see results.

Answered by Lucy Wyndham-Read.


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