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Sagar asked...

I want to lose weight.

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I want to lose weight, will you help me?

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The answer

Yes I will, and you can successfully lose weight by following three simple steps.

Step 1: Which is often ignored, but plays a vital role in healthy weight loss, is self-belief. You have to believe that you can achieve it and then you will. So many people say they won’t lose weight, which means they have already set a negative thought process. Therefore, every day believe you can do it and say “I will lose weight”, and this will help to keep you motivated.

Step 2: Move to lose it – the exercise part of weight loss is very important and the great news is you don’t have to join a gym; you can simply be more active every day by skipping, walking, cycling or jogging – anything that gets your body moving. Here is a home workout you can do: 1 minute march on the spot, then do 10 star jumps, then 50 seconds march on the spot, then 10 star jumps, then 40 seconds march on the spot, then 10 star jumps, then 30 seconds march on the spot, then 10 star jumps, then 20 seconds march on the spot, then 10 star jumps, then 10 seconds march on the spot, then 10 star jumps. This routine can burn off approximately 50 calories so if you do it twice a day you will burn off 100 calories, plus when you get fitter, you can swap the marching for jogging on the spot.

Step 3: Eat clean – this simply means cooking from fresh, so why not make it a New Year resolution to eat pure food instead of processed food. People often think it is easier to buy pre-made dinners but they can cost more and often contain high amounts of fat, sugar and salt. If you simply grill a chicken breast and serve with your favourite vegetables, you know exactly what you have eaten and there will be no hidden, fattening ingredients. You can lose weight easily if you do some form of exercise every day, eat clean unprocessed foods and have lots of self-belief. If you start this tomorrow, then by the end of January you could lose around 8-10lbs of body fat.
Answered by Lucy Wyndham-Read.


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