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      AXA PPP have a number of corporate partners that rely on their expertise to provide effective healthcare solutions to their employees. With the objective to better support employees’ mental wellbeing, we are looking for technologies and solutions that can monitor day-to-day behaviour and flag early signs of mental health issues.

      The goal is to take prevention to the next level, by engaging with people who are at risk before they actually need care, and act to reduce their stress levels there and then.

      TWe are specifically interested in solutions that can deliver one or several of the following:

      1. Track how a person is feeling over time by monitoring behaviour or biometric signs, and make sense of that data.
      2. Flag when there is a deviation with previous behaviour.
      3. Identify factors of risks, based on clinical or observed evidence.
      4. Offer evidence-based advice based on probable diagnosis.

      The opportunity is to partner with one of the largest medical insurers in the world and leverage their expertise to take your product to millions of their corporate partners employees. We are running a programme to find the right partner to test new technology quickly and scale the solution.

      Programme milestones

      September/October – Applications Opened

      October/November - High-energy sessions where selected companies will get to pitch their proposition to the AXA PPP team

      November 15th – Entries close

      December – Trial phase begins testing one or several solutions

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