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  • At AXA PPP healthcare we’re open-minded about what the future of health and wellbeing looks like. Over 75 years of insurance have taught us that you can prepare for what might happen, but you can never fully predict it.

    We can help shape it though and we’re doing this through AXA PPP Health Tech & You. We believe in investing in breakthroughs that could make a difference to our customers’ lives. Disruptive health technology is benefitting everyone. Miniscule computer chips, wearable technology, the ability to share masses of data instantaneously, and the fact that so many people are permanently with a smartphone, all give our customers more control over their health and wellbeing.

    Our AXA PPP Health Tech & You programme discovers, promotes and supports the inventors and innovations in the exciting field of health tech.

    The pioneers we help often have personal reasons to solve problems we all face – perhaps a desire to get fitter or a family member with a condition. In turn these small businesses make running other businesses easier. They create the products and technologies that help workforces manage their health and wellbeing in the best way for them.

    The Founders

    The founders of AXA PPP Health Tech & You are knowledge leaders in their fields.

    Coming together in a unique partnership, we bring understanding of innovation

    in design, the application of health tech and how people can better manage

    their health and wellbeing.

    AXA PPP healthcare

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    AXA PPP healthcare is part of one of the world’s largest insurance families, the AXA Group. They have 75 years’ of experience providing private healthcare cover to over 2 million members


    Design Museum

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    The Design Museum was founded by Sir Terence Conran and its vision is that

    everyone will understand the value of design.

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    The 2020Health is a social enterprise think tank working to improve health through research,

    evaluation and campaigns.


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