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Jessica asked...

Worried about concussion

I am writing regarding my partner. He was assaulted at the weekend and spent 2 days in hospital. He underwent surgery to remove glass from his hands however the staff did not inspect his head despite the fact that he was punched and kicked several times on it. Since he has returned home, he has slept nearly non stop. Could this be a result of the anaesthetic or sign of a head injury? I am worried about concussion. Any advice you can give would be great.

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The answer

It is unlikely that the anaesthetic is responsible at this stage for your partner’s symptoms. If your partner has slept excessively since discharge, then you do need to get an assessment from your general practitioner to ensure nothing has changed with your partner’s level of consciousness since incurring the injury.

It is likely that your GP will use an assessment tool called the Glasgow Coma Scale, which seeks to establish the level of damage to the brain and how serious the head injury is. If a person has a severe head injury, then their Glasgow Coma Scale score will be below 8. To be a minor head injury then the person’s score will be above 13. The scale is from 3 to 15, a score of 3 is the most severe score, and a score of 15 is the least severe. It would be common practice in an A&E department to use this assessment tool on anyone who has experienced a head injury, and your partner would not have been discharged from hospital if it was not safe to do so.

The following information may help you to understand concussion and some of the complications that can arise from a head injury, which are known as Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS).

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