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Why have I got bad headaches?

Tags: Headache

Why have I got bad headaches with labyrinthitis as this part of my symptoms?

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The answer

While it is possible to have headaches with labrynthitis these are more usually mild rather than bad or severe. However, if the sinuses are blocked or inflamed this possibly could contribute to both the headaches and the labrynthitis symptoms you are experiencing.

If your headache does not improve soon, follow up with your doctor. There are many different types of headaches with a myriad of causes so it may take a while to be sure of the cause of yours but hopefully you will get some relief soon.

You might also like to talk to your doctor about certain maneuvers or exercises (Brandt and Daroff exercises and Epley maneuver) that may speed your recovery from the labryrinthitis.

There are also some home remedies that may help. Reduce salt and sugar intake, avoid chocolate, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. Lie still in a comfortable position, on your side (flat). There are also some medications that can help so if you aren’t already taking something it may be worth discussing this with your doctor as well.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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