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What causes an anal fishy odour?

What causes an anal fishy odour?

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The answer

There are a variety of reasons why this type of odour can develop, sometimes it’s just a matter of increasing your hygiene routine and making sure that you wash and shower twice a day initially and then ensuring the anal area is thoroughly dried and cleaned afterwards.

If the odour persists there are also some foods that can cause this odour occasionally although this is less common. Irritable bowel syndrome and some endocrine problems could also contribute to this type of odour developing, however, you do not mention any other symptoms in your question that are suggestive of either.

In women it is also possible to confuse the source of the odour and there are some bacterial vaginal infections that can give rise to this type of odour that respond well to therapy. Under the circumstances if you find that increasing your hygiene regime as described above does not improve things for you then it would seem sensible to see your GP for an assessment as to whether there is any other underlying cause.

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