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Uncomfortable pain

For several weeks now, I have had the aforementioned pains. I have visited my GP and had several tests. Blood pressure is fine, and an ECG was reported as 'no acute problems.' I am 50 years of age and generally of good health. I am also recovering from a hernia Op, performed on 4th December and these symptoms started 10 days after. What could this be?

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The answer

Thank you for your question to us, unfortunately without any detail of the pains you are experiencing it is difficult to guide you more specifically. We note that your GP has checked your blood pressure and that your ECG was deemed normal so possibly you are referring to chest pain. Given that this pain if this is the case started two weeks after your surgery it may or may not be related, issues such as position on the operating table can sometimes cause discomfort higher up in the chest through referred pain from the stomach or you may have some gastric issues such as reflux which can also cause chest pain as well.

In extreme cases wind can sometimes mimic chest pain again by referring from the small intestine and upper abdomen and this can sometimes accumulate during surgery. As you are continuing to experience your symptoms and have not been given a diagnosis as to the cause, in view of your recent surgery it would seem prudent to arrange to see your GP again and discuss this in more detail where he can arrange for further testing and assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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