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Dorothy asked...

Diabetes and tiredness

I have been a type 2 diabetic for about 6 years. I do not take any medication for it and control it by diet. I want to know whether it is normal for diabetics to feel terribly tired some days, hardly able to keep awake in spite of having slept well all night? I also suffer hot flushes and breathlessness.

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The answer

Dear Dorothy, thank you for your question, I am sorry you are having these problems. The type of symptoms you are experiencing aren’t usually experienced in diabetes where the condition is well controlled, therefore, the symptoms you are having could be suggestive of Diabetes that requires better overall control of your blood sugars. Drowsiness and flushing are both symptoms that can be seen with blood sugars that are running usually too high or possibly too low, breathlessness however is less likely to be seen . Obviously you have managed well with diet over the past six years but equally it is not uncommon as we age to go on to require some form of medication in addition to maintaining a Diabetes appropriate diet. However, these types of symptoms could also relate to another underlying condition such as raised blood pressure for example. Under the circumstances therefore it would seem prudent to make an appointment to see your Gp to discuss your concerns and these issues, they will be able to both undertake a thorough assessment and examination and also to make any appropriate treatment recommendations required.

In the meantime you may like to look at this link https://www.diabetes.org.uk/Guide-to-diabetes/What-is-diabetes/Diabetes-Symptoms/

Here you will find up to date research and information on Diabetes, how it can affect you and the types of treatments and support available.

I do hope this information will be of use and wish you all the best in getting this resolved,

N L Porges
Registered  Nurse

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