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Dhital asked...

Two lumps on my head

I have two lumps on my head which do not pain when pressed with my finger. Initially there was one but now there are two. Recently, one more lump has appeared right at the center of my back. Is it something I should worry about? None of the lumps cause pains when pressed.

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The answer

Painless lumps can form anywhere on the skin, they may be fatty lumps, sebaceous cysts or simple cysts. Usually if they are painless and not bleeding they are of little concern. The only way to know what these are is to see your doctor for an assessment. Lumps and cysts can become large over time and may need to be removed, due to size or where they are positioned for cosmetic reasons. This is usually done under a local anaesthetic and is minimally invasive. We would suggest seeing your GP for diagnosis of these lumps.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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