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Trying to conceive

My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years now and have had no luck. I have had numerous tests including ovarian scans (showed that I had cysts on my ovaries but they couldnt confirm if it was PCOS), 21 day blood tests (which came back fine) and hormone check (which was also fine). My husband has also had a sperm check and all is fine. Any ideas what could be the issue and what do you advise that we do in terms of next steps?

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The answer

As you have mentioned, you have had various investigations thus far, and although the Ovarian Scans could not confirm PCOS, you express that all the other examinations/investigations have been returned with no real reasons, or explanations as to why Conception has so far been not been achieved.

In some cases, following various investigations, there may be up to 20% of couples who cannot conceive without any explanation. (NHS Choices).

You have mentioned various scans that you have had, which I presume are of the Ultrasound variety, but may we suggest enquiring with your GP / Specialist about the possibility of a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) which is performed under X-ray guidance.

If this has already been performed, it may be suggested that a Consultation with a Specialist in this field as to what other options may be available to you at this stage.

It is very important to ensure your body is at optimum health with regards to lifestyle, for instance, a mixed & varied diet, reduction in Alcohol and Smoking consumption and regular exercise.

It is also advised to try and keep stress and anxiety levels to a minimum, and relaxation techniques and methods can assist with this.

If not already done so, it may be suggested that you speak to a Pharmacist regarding additional supplements that may be of assistance, for example Folic Acid.

We have attached some links which you may find helpful for further reading on healthy lifestyle and some support websites which hopefully will be of some assistance to you both.

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