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Toxin eliminators

What is the best toxin eliminator?

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The answer

Toxins are substances that are created by plants/ animals that are poisonous to humans. Medicines may also act as toxins that are helpful in small doses, but poisonous in large amounts.

The majority of toxins that cause problems in humans may be sourced from germs such as bacteria e.g. cholera (caused by poisonous bacteria). Other toxins include metals, such as lead, and certain chemicals in the environment.

Organs such as the liver and kidney help excrete toxins from the human body. The liver takes up toxic substances and converts them into harmless substances or makes sure they are released from the body. The Kidney removes Waste products and excess fluid through the urine.

Depending on the type of toxin that is present in the body, the detoxifying agent used to remove it may vary. We would suggest you visit your local Pharmacist / Gp so that they may assist you further in how to efficiently eliminate a specific toxin.

What we would suggest you do in the meantime is to keep hydrated, by drinking as close to 2 litres of clean water per day as you can.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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