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Tightness in chest

My husband was having difficulty to breathe and feel tightness in chest. We had been to A&E and done some blood tests and ECG scan, all result came back as normal but the scan did show some irregular heartbeats with no set pattern. doctors don't think there is concern so my husband was discharged the next day. But he still feels the tightness in his chest and wonder if the hospital miss something.

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The answer

Under the circumstances given that your husband is still experiencing symptoms it seems sensible for him to go and discuss things with his GP. It’s encouraging that the tests he has had performed have all been normal and there are many reasons for the type pf symptoms your husband is experiencing which are usually not serious, anxiety due to acute or chronic stress being one of them.

Irregular heart beats can also be experienced for many reasons which are not clinically significant and are not to be feared. However, it would seem helpful if your husband was able to be told what the likely source of his problem is which is why a discussion with his GP would seem wise, if, on talking to his GP concerns still remain then it would be entirely reasonable to request to see a cardiologist for a fuller review of his heart and health which the GP can facilitiate. We do wish you both the best in finding resolution for this and an early appointment with the GP would seem the first step and best step to take.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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