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Phill asked...

Tennis injury

I have a dull pain on the left side of my back when my belt goes. I thought I hurt it playing tennis and it would go after a month. It has now been two months and does not feel like it's any better. now I'm 57 is it just a case things take longer? Regards, Phill

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The answer

From your brief description, you might have a muscular skeletal injury.

You complain of lower back pain after playing tennis. Sometimes during a sport activity, a muscle can be strained or a nerve trapped in the lower back area. You did not mention if you need to take any pain killers for the pain. However because we do not have a full history of any symptoms we would recommend you see your doctor to confirm that this is muscular skeletal related and to rule out other causes. Your GP will examine you and if he considers he will request an x ray or different investigations. If you sustained a sport injury, regular pain killers, cold or heat therapy and also physiotherapy are some of the management therapies in practice.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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