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Kruna asked...


I have sustained a running injury two years ago which was diagnosed as hip flexor tendinopathy by a physio. Physio treatment hasn't helped. I have tried pilates and yoga for the past eight months, streching etc but the pain is constant and it moves around. What would you recommend in terms of treatment? Thanks, Kruna

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The answer

Tendinopathy can take a long time to heal due to the difficulty of resting the joint. But if there is no improvement after 2 years we would suggest you go back to your doctor and discuss referral to a specialist to reassess this as the pain may be related to a nerve issue rather than tendon, a nerve can be pressured by a disc in the back or caught in the hip itself causing pain in the hip and further down the affected leg. You may need an MRI scan of the lower back and hip area to locate the cause of the problem, but as you state no improvement after 2 years we would suggest further investigation.

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