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Sugar in fruits

Tags: Diet

If sugars in fruits are better because they last longer in the body and are a better energy source because of that wouldn't that also make them bad for you as unused sugars turn into fat? If processed sugars burn fast in the body wouldn't that make them okay? Without over use of course.

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The answer

Sugars present in fruit vary, some fruits have naturally lower sugar content, but are recommended because they contain water, vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytonutrients and your body can metabolise these more effectively.

Like any sugar, over consumption is not recommended and if you consume more calories than your body needs your body will convert those extra calories to fat. Refined sugars do not contain vitamins, minerals and have no fibre content and are more calorie dense than fruits, which is why fruits are recommended over refined sugars. Hopefully this will help you.

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