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G.trev asked...

Will I ever shift this anxiety feeling?

I am so so frustrated, I sometimes don't know whether to laugh or cry! Back in Nov 2012, I suffered a nerve pain condition in my neck (sort of like a trapped nerve) that caused me a lot of pain / headaches in my occipital region, behind my eyes and above my head.
The back of my head was so sore, I could not lay down on a pillow and my sleep was terrible. I quickly fell into depression / anxiety and was nearly admitted. It went after 4 months, but since this time, my body is sill ravaged by anxiety and I am finding it a real slog. I was put on Venlaflaxine in April 2013 and continue to take it. I also took lorazepam from April to July to relax me for sleep.
I hate taking any pills, so decied to come off lorazepam. The past few months have been great and I always lead a normal, active life with my kids/colleagues. On the outside, I am normal to people, but inside I am constantly feeling the waves of anxiety and my sleep is still terrifying. I am seeing a psychiatrist and was seeing a psychologist.
The past two weeks, I have become very anxious again and I don't know why? Is this a blip? I have no pain, no job worries, no financial worries - nothing at all to worry about, so why oh why can I not rid myself of this feeling? I could easily take lorazepam again, but I won't. I am just hoping that with time and patience it will subside, but this recent bout has me worrying about falling back to what I was. Am I normal???
Thanks for reading. I would really welcome your advice. My current tactic to get through this is STOP analysing everything, relax and continue to do the things I do....I do feel it is a daily battle though.

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The answer

You are describing some classic symptoms of anxiety/depression that are so common and affect many other people in a very similar way. You do not always need a ‘reason’ to feel this way. Having no particular reason for the anxiety (such as work or financial worries) can make you feel even worse, as you keep asking yourself why you are feeling this way. Unfortunately some people just suffer from this type of illness and we don’t know why (in the same way other people suffer from physical illness without explanation or reason).

The important thing to remember is that you won’t feel like this forever. You are already getting expert help from doctors and psychologists, and taking the recommended treatment. Make sure you take care of yourself by eating healthily and exercising. Taking steps to allow yourself to relax and to enjoy your everyday life will also certainly help. You are not abnormal, just a little unlucky. Look forward to recovering from this episode (which will hopefully be very quickly) and feeling much better in the future.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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