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Sore twisted ankle

My husband twisted his ankle two weeks ago, it is not swollen and can walk on it short distances, but longer gets tired and painful and if circles the foot it hurts. Don't want to bother A&E, is there anywhere else we should have it looked at or just rest it?

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The answer

Thank you for contacting us, usually after an injury like this it is recommended that a combination of rest with the foot elevated and gentle exercise with minimal pressure on the area is undertaken. Ice can be applied if there is swelling visible but I see your husbands foot has not been thus far.

However, given that the injury occurred two weeks ago and he still has symptoms it would seem prudent to make an appointment with your GP to examine his ankle and order any investigations if they are required. You might also consider asking for physiotherapy if the GP feels this may benefit your husband as well.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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