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Nicola asked...

Sore neck/shoulder blade

I have a sore neck/shoulder blade area that keeps coming and going. Depending on the position of my head, and how far I tip or rotate my head, I can feel the pain in a number of places including down my left arm and up into my head. It can be the slightest movement that causes discomfort. Im not at the stage of serious pain, but want to stop it before it gets to that. I have a feeling it could be the way I am sleeping? I have a standing / sitting desk at work, so always try to vary my positioning when at work (I had lower back disc trouble a few years ago). Any advice on what I can do to help this next/top left shoulder blade pain would be great. I sometimes take an ibuprofen as I am assuming its an inflammation.

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The answer

Your described symptoms are quite suggestive of muscle strain as it is intermittent and pain has been noted with movement. As you mentioned your arm being affected this may be muscle related or can be indicative of a pinched nerve in the neck. This can cause issues with the arm and also pain radiating to the head. If you have addressed the issue by changing the position you sleep in I would suggest you see your GP to rule out a pinched nerve, this will usually require an MRI scan.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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