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Anna asked...

Sore left eye

Hello, for the last few days my left eye has felt sore and at times painful. I have checked to see if anything is in it but there isn't. With a magnifing mirror I can now see what looks like a small cyst/lump on the inner corner of my top eyelid. I have in the past had a cyst that makes my eyesight blur slightly. I would like to get it sorted as I am due to fly to Mexico on holiday and cannot bare the though of being in this much discomfort. Should I get a referral to a specialist? Any help or advice would be most welcome.

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The answer

We thank you for your query about consulting with an ophthalmologist.

To see an ophthalmic specialist before your departure on Tuesday may be difficult, unless you have private medical insurance and are authorised to use some of the London Private Hospitals where they have Urgent Care Centres and can refer in-house to a specialist. Please check with your insurers before pursuing this course. If you believe that your eye condition is acute and an emergency, then you would need to attend your nearest Accident and Emergency Department within the NHS.

If you wish to see a general practitioner before your departure to Mexico, then you can find and visit your nearest walk in centre, via the website NHS.UK. Walk in centres are staffed by general practitioners or nurses, please visit the website to find your nearest walk in centre to your postcode, to see the services that they can offer you.

Alternatively, most airports have medical centres (please contact your departure airport for availability), where a trained healthcare professional can assess your presenting condition.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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