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Maisie asked...

My Husband has been having severe lower stomach pains. He went to the GP and had a Ultra Scan and they found a small hernia which they didn't think was responsible for the extreme pain. He was given anti-biotics 6 days ago and pain killers and blood tests. He is till in pain what do you think it could be? Thank You

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The Answer

There are many conditions that could be causing your husbands’ pain and it is not possible to diagnose these without a full physical assessment. It is possible he has a problem in his bowel, diverticulitis for instance is a fairly common condition which could give rise to similar symptoms but is also usually associated with some degree of change or difficulty with bowel movements.

Under the circumstances and given that your GP has also prescribed antibiotics which suggests they have an understanding of what the problem is in addition to the hernia I do think it would be prudent to see the GP again to go over your concerns.

They will also be able to perform a further assessment if necessary and discuss what they feel is the nature of the problem in more detail. If, however your Husbands symptoms continue to persist despite any treatment being given after the test results are known he may like to ask to see a gastro intestinal specialist. They will be able to perform further testing and diagnostics if necessary and arrange any treatment your husband may need.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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