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Helen asked...

Reoccurring UTI's

Hi there, I keep getting reoccurring UTI's and have been treated by my GP and given antibiotics to clear it up. They obviously give advise to prevent infection i.e drink plenty of fluids, after going to the toilet wiping back to front, having a wee after intercourse etc all of which I follow but they still seem to come back. The GP sent my urine off for testing the last time I had one (2 weeks ago) and it came back clear. Do you know why I would keep getting these UTI's and if there is anything else I can do to prevent them?(I am 34, have had the same partner for 10 years). Many thanks, Helen

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The answer

Some people are prone to UTI’s , women especially. Hydration does help, as does a daily glass of cranberry juice, this helps stop bacteria sticking to the bladder wall and reduces the risk of infection taking hold. If this is a persistent problem you may want to discuss a referral to a urologist with your GP, as the presence of kidney stones can also increase your risk of infection. You can have kidney stones without knowing as you usually only find out they are present when the stone or gravel moves, this tends to be very painful and can require a trip to A&E for pain control. These are usually identified on a scan of the kidney’s, ureters and bladder.

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