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Elizabeth asked...

Reddening of the mouth

I woke with a reddening about the edge of my mouth on one side. I have not been kissing anyone but visited the dentist on Tue 5.4.16; yesterday I attended 1st Aid training but the mannequins were cleaned with medi wipes. Any thoughts?

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The answer

Reddening at the edge of the mouth could indicate a slight skin infection which may be either viral or fungal in nature. Fungal skin infections are quite common for example and can occur particularily in moisture and moist areas.

The other possible cause may be a slight allergy to something your skin in that region has been in contact with. This may or may not relate to the mannequin that was used during your training.You may find it useful to visit your pharmacist in the first instance, they will be able to recommend any over the counter medication you can use to alleviate and soothe the affected area.

If you find however that your condition worsens, becomes hot or begins to weep then it would be prudent to see your GP who will be able to make a full assessment and prescribe anything necessary.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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