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Jamie asked...

Reading in artificial light

I seem to be finding it difficult to read text in artificial light, I've recently had my annual eye examination and nothing was found to be wrong. I can read all text in natural daylight but struggle in artificial light.

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The answer

Having problems reading text whether from a mobile phone, paper or a computer screen may actually be down to poor artificial lighting, which can cause eye strain. You do not mention if this happens at work and or at home or how long you have had this problem for.

Eye strain can cause burning eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision, headaches and sensitivity to light. You may want to check that the artificial lighting you have is adequate, for example work stations are often over-lit from above which can cause glare onto the computer screen.

May we suggest that you have a work station assessment done by occupational health. Your line manager should be able to arrange this for you. If this is a problem at home then you will need to check that the lighting is adequate for you needs. If the problem is a mobile phone, other than getting a phone with a larger screen we are unsure there is anything else you can do.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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