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Gren asked...

Radiologically isolated demyelination syndrome

Could I please have some information about radiologically isolated demylination please?

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The answer

There is a syndrome known as Radiologically isolated demyelination syndrome which I believe is what you may be referring to here. More simply this refers to a loss of the fatty layer of tissue known as Myelin which surrounds nerve cells. This tissue provides an electrically insulating layer to the nerve cell, known as the axon, and is essential for the proper functioning of the nerve.

In this syndrome loss of myelin is detected and may or may not be accompanied by clinical symptoms, often it is found to be silent which means no symptoms are present, it can however go on to progress in some cases and then symptoms will start to present.

This syndrome can also often be incorrectly equated to Multiple Sclerosis whereas it is a generic pathological term which describes as the word suggests the loss of Myelin around the nerve. Multiple Sclerosis on the other hand can only be diagnosed if something known as the Macdonald Diagnostic criteria are met or another acceptable alternative is met.

Either way, with a diagnosis such as this clinical assessment and input from a neurologist who are experts in this type of disorder will provide any guidance or management required.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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