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Graham asked...

PSA blood test

Should I have a PSA blood test for prostate? Different doctors say different things. I am 72 years of age in good health and have none of the symptoms associated with prostate problems. Some say the blood tests are only 80% accurate and unless you are experiencing symptoms then it is best not to undergo the additional tests that would be necessary should the blood show a high reading. What are your thoughts on this please. Many thanks.

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The answer

The PSA test is still recommended as it can be indicative of changes in the prostate. If the level is elevated it is not a confirmation of a prostate cancer, it can indicate growth of the prostate or inflammation of the prostate. Most men will have growth in the size of the prostate as they age. This is known as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and can cause issues with the flow of urine as it can narrow the urethra, the tube you pass urine through. The PSA test, if elevated, would be used in conjunction with other tests and medical history towards a diagnosis.

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