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Beth asked...

Pregnancy test query

My period was due on 27/06/16 and its never normally late so I did 2 pregnancy tests that day and they both came up clear positives. I did another one the next day on 28/06/16 and it was clear positive as well. I then did 2 more on the 30/06/16 and they were both clear positives. I did another one the next day on 1/07/17 with the same result but started getting very light brown discharge type stuff when I wipe. I then did one pregnancy test a day for the next 3 days which all came up clear positives. I've had the light brown stuff every day and still have it now. I did a pregnancy test today on 15/07/16 and it was positive, the line is clear but not as dark as any others I've done. I also did another one this morning on 16/07/16 and it was quite faint again. It's my first pregnancy and from searching google too much I'm just worried if I'm having an early miscarriage and the lines are just going to get fainter until its not there anymore?

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The answer

Beth, bleeding in early pregnancy can occur but does not necessarily mean that you are miscarrying. Signs of miscarriage often includes fresh and old blood loss as well as abdominal pain and cramping.

Other causes for bleeding in early pregnancy can be linked to the implantation process, cervical erosions, vaginal infection and ectopic pregnancy.

Cervical erosion is where the cells of the cervix become inflamed and friable/grazed. These heal spontaneously and do not usually require treatment.

We would recommend seeing your GP as soon as possible as they will be able to examine you and take some blood tests to check your hormone levels which would also be an accurate way of determining an ongoing pregnancy.

Your GP may well refer you to an Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic to have a scan- usually a trans-vaginal scan, in order to see whether there is a viable pregnancy and to check the position where the pregnancy has implanted in order to exclude miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

If the bleeding in the mean time becomes heavier and abdominal pain is present we would suggest that if you are unable to see your GP that you attend your local A&E unit to be assessed and treated as appropriate.

If a pregnancy is still present then we would encourage you to take things steady and commence using folic acid and ensuring that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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