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Sarah asked...

Vertical c-section.

Tags: Pregnancy

I am concerned about the risk of needing to have a vertical c-section (with the incision being made from the naval to the pubic area). Please can you explain in what circumstances a c-section of this nature is required (or recommended) as compared with the more common 'bikini-line' horizontal c-section. Many thanks in advance.

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The answer

A Classical Caesarean section (vertical incision) is now rarely used.

However there are still some reasons it may be performed compared to the lower uterine segment incision (bikini line) which is nearly always used now.

Such instances may be if there was a very premature baby with the lower segment of the womb poorly formed. The baby was lying transverse with ruptured membranes and draining liquor, structural abnormalities of the lower segment of the womb. Some fibroids and some cases of anterior placenta praevia.

I would suggest if your are concerned that you discuss this further with your own Midwife or Doctor.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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