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Sophie asked...

Tags: pregnancy

We have been trying to conceive for nearly a year with no joy. I have been to the doctor who ordered some blood tests that have come back normal but could not alleviate the following concerns I have that may affect my fertility.

1. My mum, sister and niece all have tilted wombs. 2. my sister had to have IVF treatment (like me her bloods were normal with the progesterone being on the low side of normal) 3. All my knickers have a bleached stain on them which from research is either a UTI or my cervical mucus being too acidic/alkaline which I wonder if this is causing a hostile environment for the sperm.

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The Answer

I am sorry it has taken nearly a year, but that is certainly not a reason to panic yet. If the blood test has shown you have ovulated, that is a very good sign. I hope your partner has a normal sperm count (this would be the next step if he has not had it tested yet).

A tilted womb is not normally thought to cause infertility (unless all other causes of infertility have been excluded). It can be diagnosed by a simple examination by your doctor. UTI is infection of the urine. It causes pain and discomfort when passing urine and does not affect vaginal discharge.

If you think you may have an infection causing abnormal vaginal discharge, this needs to be checked and tested for by your doctor. If you have regular periods and you have sex every 2-3 days, there is a good chance you will conceive. Your doctor can refer you to a fertility clinic if you are not pregnant after trying for a year.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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