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Ellie asked...

Schooling for my autistic son.

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We are now on the waiting list for our local secondary school which is one mile away. We are Appealing. Our son is 10 and is part way through a diagnosis of autism.

The school we could be offered is an 80 minute drive away in rush hour and he may need a taxi to get there. What is the likely impact to his social and emotional wellbeing if this became a reality? He won't do anything that is unfamiliar if mum or dad are not with him. Thank you for any factual info we can access to help with appeal.

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The answer

I understand how important it is for children to be in education at the right school for them as individuals and it would seem the statement of autism is key in your appeal for a more local school.

In order to confirm or exclude autism you may find his current primary school helpful via the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator) or the school nurse, with whom the school should be able to put you in touch. Your GP may also be useful and may suggest you speak to the Health Visitor or may refer your son for a specialist assessment. For further information about Autism Spectrum Disorder you may find The National Autistic Society a useful source.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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