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Alejandro asked...

My wife is 24 weeks pregnant.

Tags: Pregnancy

My wife is 24 weeks pregnant. She has been vomiting for the last 6 days. She has not had any food (only the Intra vein fluids) whatsoever the last 5 days. She went to the toilet normally on Tuesday, today is Sunday and has not gone to the toilet to move her bowel. She is vomiting great amounts of bills every 6-7 hours. The doctor said it might be a blockage but as she has not got any solid food...Had she had to go to the toilet? Could it be something else?

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The answer

I do not completely understand the situation based on what you have written. From what I do understand, your wife must currently be in hospital because she is vomiting and unable to eat or drink. She will be being looked after by doctors who specialize in pregnancy and they will deal with this sort of situation regularly.

If you are worried and do not totally understand the situation, you must ask to speak to one of the senior doctors in charge of your wife’s care. They can explain her diagnosis and treatment to you further.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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