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Natalie asked...

My son has a mild fever.

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Good morning, our son is 11 years old. He is severely autistic non verbal. He has recently had two courses of antibiotics, a week between each course, but the source of infection was unknown. All symptoms have subsided but a week after completing the last course of antibiotics he still has a mild fever.

We are taking an ear temperature throughout the day and it is ranging from 37 to 37.6. He is also pale. His urine has been tested and was clear. How long should we leave this before investigating further?

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The answer

Normal temperature range is considered to be between 36c and 37.5c; in children, temperature tends to be towards the higher end of this range and will fluctuate throughout the day depending on a range of factors.

If your son’s temperature is persistently higher than 37.6c, the GP may wish to see him again to consider the need for a further prescription of antibiotics. If, however, you feel concerned that your son is not his normal self, it might be prudent to consider taking him back to the GP who will be able to examine him and hopefully offer reassurance.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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