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Cassandra asked...

Tags: baby , fibre , digestion

My 7 month old son keeps doing hard stodgy poos they don't seem to be bothering him but his last one had blood around it so it can't be easy for him to pass I also had to help him pass it.

I do struggle to get him to drink much water and I have now been trying to give him fruit everyday. Hope you can help

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The Answer

Although there are laxative medications available for young children, it is always preferable to manage constipation through dietary methods first and fruit and vegetables are essential for healthy bowel movement. In addition, high-fibre cereals may also help bowel movements as well as a good daily fluid intake.

However, constipation is unusual in children this young as their diet is mostly liquid/soft foods at this stage; your GP or health visitor may be able to provide you with further information or carry out some investigations if necessary as there are some conditions which may cause constipation as a symptom.

It is always advisable to exercise caution when blood is seen during a bowel movement, so a GP consultation for this alone would be recommended.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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