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Caroline asked...

Post operation pain

I need some advice regarding post op pain I am experiencing .. I had total hip replacement surgery in June last year and since November have been experiencing pain in my right thigh and glut. I have had xrays, white platelet and bone marrow scans to eliminate displacement, infection and osteoporosis as causes of the pain. My consultant has suggested waiting for another 4 weeks and having another xray to see if any change. I spoke with my occupational health adviser and she suggested that maybe physiotherapy would help and to contact you for advice. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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The answer

Pain is common in the initial stages post surgery and can persist for some months after this. As your described pain seems to have resurfaced in November and nothing has shown on testing this may be a muscular issue. Your consultant is doing as they should and planning further x ray to reassess. Physiotherapy may be beneficial for you to build up the surrounding muscles in your affected leg. This can be an issue post surgery. If you have a health insurance policy we would suggest you contact then regarding your cover for physiotherapy and if you will need referral for this.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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