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Pelvic infection

I was diagnosed with having a Pelvic infection, on 1st Dec. I was given a course of antibiotics which lasted till Sun 6th, I am still experiencing the same numb pain and swollen symptoms as before. Does it take time for the antibiotics to do their work or should I revisit my gp?

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The answer

Firstly here is just a brief outline of how antibiotics work. Antibiotics work by killing bacteria by disrupting one of the processes they need to survive, such as turning glucose into energy or stopping them multiplying, by disrupting the processes bacteria use to produce new cells, such as growing new proteins.

From the information you have provided you completed your antibiotic course 10 days ago. If you completed the specified course your GP prescribed and didn’t miss any doses, any pain and symptoms eg swollenness experienced now will need to be most definitely referred back to your GP.

Depending on if you have any other medical conditions, it may be advisable to take painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen while you're being treated with antibiotics. This will help if you have pain around your pelvis .But again, it’s important to discuss this with your GP as the antibiotics should have helped relieve your symptoms by now or your symptoms should have got better but you explain you are experiencing the same numb pain and swollenness as before.

Normally once antibiotics are prescribed you may be advised to have a follow-up appointment three days after starting treatment so your doctor can check if the antibiotics are working. If the antibiotics seem to be working at this stage, you may have another follow-up appointment at the end of the course to check if treatment has been successful depending on your symptoms. Generally the rule is if your symptoms haven't started to improve within three days of starting a course of antibiotic, you should see your GP/prescriber for further tests and treatment.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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