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Dave asked...

Pain in right leg

My partner is currently working in DOHA, Qatar and visited the doctor there on Thursday with a pain in her right leg. On Saturday 20th February it was confirmed by ultra scan that she had an extensive DVT which extended from her groin to her foot and was entering the deep vein muscle. She was admitted to hospital, given treatment and has been discharged with medication: Clexan 0.8ml (she only has to take 0.7ml) which is self administered by injection twice daily 12 hours apart. In addition to above she was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year, however this was successfully removed and has recently been scanned and given the all clear. However real question here is when can she fly again? She is due to come home this Friday 26th February, I am concerned that it is too soon and she has received conflicting information from the doctors in Qatar, 3 of whom say she cannot fly and one who says it is not a problem. I have looked this up in the internet but could not find a definitive answer. Any assistance/advice would be very much appreciated.

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The answer

The clearance for fitness to fly after being unwell can only be done by a doctor who has examined your partner. And ideally they should give her a fitness to fly medical note. As the majority of the her doctors have stated it is too soon for your partner to fly, we would suggest this is the likely answer as recovery time from illness is very individual and she may well have to delay her flight home and follow up with her doctor in Qatar until she is assessed as well enough to travel.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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