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Joselli asked...

Pain in my jaw gland

Hi, I have pain in my gland under my left jaw for one week now. It is becoming worse. I dont have any aparent infection or fever. Please could you advise me waht should I do? Best regards Joselli

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The answer

From what you describe although you do not have any other active symptoms of infection it could suggest that there is either a low grade infection or the possibility of an infection which your glands are currently fighting.

Given the area of the gland being affected this can sometimes relate to a dental problem and if you have not had a recent check up with your dentist it would seem sensible to arrange one soon. Other possible causes could be related to the throat or the ear which your Gp should be able to diagnose for you.

Under the circumstances in the first instance it may be sensible to arrange an appointment with your GP and if they are unable to find a specific cause then a visit to your dentist would seem prudent.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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