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Over the counter flu medication

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According to your notes on flu it should not be a long term problem. Both my wife and I have not seen any improvement coming up to 2 weeks now. All over the counter cold and flu medication has little or not effect on how I am feeling. My GP said oxygen is 96% and I do not have a temperature so let it run it's course. I still feel run down and very short of breath. I have an irritating cough, how long because I should return to the doctor or can AXA help as I am a member? Thank you.

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The answer

Influenza can last anything between 1 and 2 weeks followed by a period of recovery when some symptoms can recur but in a more mild form. However, we note you have not had a temperature but are experiencing shortness of breath and an irritating cough, these symptoms are less likely to be associated with Influenza in its acute stage.

Under the circumstances I do feel a return visit to the GP may be helpful to determine the cause of your breathlessness in particular, feeling run down is to be expected however after a viral infection has been present and you can aid this by ensuring you are getting plenty of good quality sleep and eating a well-balanced diet which includes plenty of fruit and vegetables as these contain good sources of vitamin and minerals which should help your immune system recover.

In addition if you feel you would like to see a specialist regarding your symptoms then of course as a member you can ask your GP for a referral to see someone and then contact your policy team who will be able to discuss this with you.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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