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Lou asked...

Niggling leg pain

I have had a niggling pain on the back of my leg behind my knee for a while but sometimes it's agony to walk down stairs, upstairs is easier and walking is fine but going down is agony.

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The answer

Knee joints are more or less in constant use whether we are sitting or standing or moving and as they take the weight of the entire body through them it is not surprising that they can become injured or damaged at times. With the symptoms you have there are several possible causes to the pain you have been experiencing, this could relate to a strain or tear in one of the ligaments or tendons, or you may be developing something known as a Bakers cyst which is a build-up of fluid inside the back of the knee joint, these are usually harmless and frequently resolve over time.

To help alleviate your symptoms you may find resting with your leg elevated slightly and applying ice packs could help to reduce the pain, anti- inflammatory medication can also sometimes be helpful provided it is safe for you to take this.

Generally if symptoms are no better after a few weeks, and we can see that you say you have been experiencing this for a while, it would then be sensible to consult with your GP who should be able to diagnose this for you and would also arrange a suitable treatment strategy to help.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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