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Mrs Walsh asked...

Tags: nausea

Since having my daughter eight years ago I have been suffering with nausea to the point now it is effecting my daily life. I did have tests done years ago and biopsies taken from the stomach and nothing came back. I now wear nausea wrist bands which do not help. My doctor said sometimes we must learn to live with things and basically said they was nothing else they can do.

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The Answer

There can be many causes for chronic nausea this can be gastric related, reflux, delayed emptying of the stomach, ulcer, hiatal hernia, food intolerance, pancreatic , liver or gallbladder issues. Inner ear problems can also cause persistent nausea as can neurological conditions such as head injury or elevated intracranial pressure. Other conditions can also cause persistent nausea such as renal and liver failure, diabetes, anxiety and depression.

If you are on any medications then they should be reviewed. As it has been some time since testing we would suggest you see your GP again, we would suggest you request a referral to a gastroenterologist to rule out any gastric issue as treatment may well depend on diagnosis and if gastric cause is ruled out then referral on to other specialists if needed. Blood tests can rule out kidney, liver, pancreatic and diabetes issues.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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