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My son has glue ear

My son has glue ear in both ears. I have been advised to wait a few months before he will be checked again. This is very prevalent in my family and always results in grommets. Is it worth asking to go ahead straight away? I hold insurance with AXA for all my family.

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The answer

The reason that Glue ear is not treated immediately is because that in approximately nine out of ten children the condition will resolve completely within a year. Because of this the initial approach is to review the symptoms three months after symptoms first appear following which if the condition remains active observation is often continued for up to a year.

Treatment is then usually initiated if hearing loss is significant or is interfering with normal learning and development or if your child suffers from another condition such as Downs Syndrome in addition to Glue ear.

However, given your family history it is possible that there is nothing to be gained by waiting for a full year although possibly it may still be wise to wait for at least a few months. As you do have health cover and if you continue to feel strongly about this when your son next sees the doctor and if progress is slow or unchanging then you may wish to ask for a referral to an Ent specialist, Ear Nose and Throat, for a second opinion which should be easy to arrange.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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