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Becky asked...

My arms always ache

My arms always ache during the day and at night I get pins and needles and dead arms. What could be causing this?

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The answer

There are a variety of possible causes to the symptoms you have been experiencing, none of which are usually extremely serious but they would require a proper physical assessment to discover the cause.

The types of problems that could give rise to these type of symptoms tend to be related to the nerves supplying the limbs, any inflammation or pressure on a nerve can cause the types of sensations you have been having, occasionally problems with the blood supply can also produce similar symptoms but more usually this would be confined to one limb.

Raynauds disease is also a syndrome seen in younger women which can be present with these symptoms but this is associated with a colour change in the arm and particularily the hands which become quite pale and blue alongside the pins and needles and sensations you describe.

Problems in the upper spine could also contribute to these symptoms this is due to associated pressure on the nerves in the neck which run through and down the arms, and occasionally some vitamin deficiencies could cause problems with sensations of pins and needles as you describe.

In the first instance it would seem sensible to make an appointment to see your GpP discuss your symptoms, they will be able to perform a thorough assessment and will be able to both make a diagnosis and suggest any treatment that may be helpful for you.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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