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John asked...

I have tremors down my right side

I have tremors down my right side for the last 4 months.

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The answer

I’m sorry to hear of the problem you have been experiencing. A symptom of tremors is quite broad and can be caused by several different mechanisms. Usually there is nerve or muscle involvement causing the problem or both, testing and diagnostics are very important to determine the underlying cause.

These can include detailed history taking and physical examination including your reflexes, blood profiles and muscle and/or nerve conduction studies. Additionally scanning which may include your upper spine or head may well be performed. There are also some illnesses that can cause these symptoms to present so it would be prudent given the length of time the symptom has presented to make an appointment with your GP to discuss what is happening to allow a proper assessment to take place. I do wish you luck with this, please see your G.P. and we are here to help with any further questions you may have as a result of that.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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