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Mary asked...

Muscular pain

I have what I think is muscular pain around my left shoulder blade which about a week ago started quite sharp and has now become a dull ache. I had about 2 years ago surgery to shave the collar bone which was successful and now I still have the full movement that the surgery restored. I started this morning to use Voltarol which seems to have had some effect. Please advise.

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The answer

From your description and the pain now being a dull ache, this does suggest that this is a muscular type pain. Voltarol may well be helpful as this is a non -steroidal anti -inflammatory medication and regular doses for 2-3 weeks will help reduce inflammation at the injury site. If the pain does persist we would suggest follow up with your GP for examination and possible referral to physiotherapy may help.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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