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Alasdair asked...

Unable to put pressure on my leg.

I have occassional pain (varies from mild discomfort to unable to put any pressure on leg) in my right thigh and lower back (to a lesser degree).

I had blood tests and scan (thigh only). Results were 'inconclusive' on pain - blood tests did identify high blood pressure; for which I have to do another blood test next month.

Re: leg / lower back pain - my GP had advised that I do 20 quadriceps 3 times per day and to discuss further when I visit him after my next blood test. How do I go about getting a 2nd opinion? I don't mind if costs are involved.

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The answer

It appears that your GP believes that the pain in your leg and lower back could be musculo-skeletal related; probably that is why he recommended some physical exercises. I would suggest that you follow his advice and see if you feel any improvement.

I understand that you will have a review once you have had another blood test. You can discuss with your GP if any physiotherapy might be beneficial.

In respect to a second opinion, you can choose to see another GP at the same practice, or return to the same GP and ask for a referral to a specialist. If you are a member of AXA PPP Healthcare, please contact us to see what services and benefits are available on your policy.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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