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Sarah asked...

Could a back support help?

My husband is only 33 and recently had a car accident. Through x-ray they have found fractures in a handful of his thoracic vertebrae. He is waiting on more detail from an MRI scan but is scared to be moving about & really concerned he may make it worse. Could something be done to stabilise/support his back in the meantime? I work with children with SEN and many have back supports that can be worn under clothing.

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The answer

I am not able to advise you further about this because I do not have enough detail about his condition and the type of fractures he has. If the fractures were unstable you would have expected him to still be in hospital and wearing a spine support until the MRI scan results are known. The doctors clearly do not think it is needed. You must ask his doctors for some more advice about his condition. They should be specialists in spinal conditions.

I am not surprised he is scared to move, especially if he is in lots of pain. He should rest and avoid sudden movements to help reduce the pain. Please request some more advice from his doctors before you try anything else.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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