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Kathryn asked...

Tags: bones , injury , joint

I have a problem with my right elbow. It started 5 months ago when I moved house and did a lot of shifting boxes and emptied books onto shelves etc. I could not even lift a glass of water to my lips as the holding of the glass and lifting/bending of my arm caused pain.

I was recommended to Bowen Practitioner and the treatments have helped a lot. I can now lift the kettle and glass of water etc but certain moves I make still cause me some discomfort. I wonder if I have tears in the tendon/scar tissue and massage would help. Can you advise?

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The Answer

Thank you for your question; although we cannot provide a diagnosis, the symptoms you describe suggest this could be epicondylitis or a similar condition, which occurs as a result of straining or over-using the muscles and tendons in the arm near the joint.

This condition will normally resolve without medical intervention, however, tendons can heal slowly and physiotherapy may help to improve or speed up your recovery. There are massage techniques that can be used on this type of injury that will help by stimulating blood flow to the affected area, however, these techniques should only be carried out or taught to you to carry out by a qualified physiotherapist as incorrect practice could cause further damage.

I hope this information helps and hope your symptoms improve soon.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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