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Amy asked...

What is Tenosynovitis?

According to my GP, I have something called Tenosynovitis. Trouble is, I don't really know much about it and I only found the name out by cheekily looking at my patient record. I've had an injection put into my wrist - yet don't know what it is (Doctor didn't tell me).

Question is, what is Tenosynovitis and what did he put into my wrist as it now aches and hurts even more now?

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The answer

Tenosynovitis is when the sheath (cover) around a tendon becomes inflamed and sore. A tendon attaches a bone to a muscle.

Injury or overuse of the area can be the trigger of tenosynovitis, but sometimes there is no apparent reason why it occurs. It will usually settle with rest and anti-inflammatory medications (such as ibuprofen). Occasionally physiotherapy or steroid injections are needed if it has not settled on its own.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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